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Buy NFC TagsThere has been a new trend in North America in the first quarter of 2013, as a lot of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and early adopters that are researching and making the commitment to buy NFC tags. In 2014 there will be 500 million NFC enabled devices roaming the planet and most of their users will have been exposed to NFC technology and it’s ability to improve their buying experiences.

North American business owners are just realizing how they can buy NFC tags and implement near-field communication technology within their marketing campaigns. If your business is in Advertising, Banking, Hospitality, Transportation, IT or Security — or you are a brand that wants to be ahead of the technology curve, then Buy NFC tags today and take control of the future.

When your business becomes an early adopter you work with the cosmopolitan Innovators and Designers. The possibilities are endless. If your creative team has an idea, we have the solution — and you will influence your industry shift!


Near Field Possesses Cross-media Functionality – Buy NFC Tags

This revolutionary new technology allows you to deliver a customer information simply by tapping or scanning NFC tags with their NFC enabled smart phone. Unsure if your mobile device is NFC equipped? View a comprehensive list of compatible devices HERE.

NFC tags possess cross-media functionality while attached to smart posters, stickers, magazine ads, and VIP badges – which give the end user access to exclusive internet content and NFC enabled mobile applications, and the exchange and distribution of information in a split second. At this point in time, street marketing campaigns are popping up with branded NFC tags (and QR codes as a secondary interaction point). Consumers are becoming progressively reliant on their mobile devices, and the ability to communicate with them directly on their most personal screen will completely transform the purchasing experience and the shopping encounter.

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We understand the need for consistency in branding. That is why, unlike other NFC providers we use your designs and logos to seamlessly integrate our NFC technology. Our solutions are completely white labeled, keeping you in control of your brand.

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Empower your Brand with NFC Tags Technology! We provide NFC solutions, NFC branding, NFC printing and when you buy NFC tags from us you gain access to our patented back-end analytics and data delivery system.