NFC Technology – Smartphone is the Key to the Future

nfc technologyNFC Technology -  They spread out, without us realizing it. They hide in your purse and the clothes. Soon they will accompany our everyday and everywhere, in the new identity card, in debit and credit cards, in the castles of car doors. Or in the product packaging in the supermarket. RFID chips, the so-called NFC chips can send and store information over short distances, for example, a smart phone. This is also the abbreviation NFC – Near Field Communication.

Might look like the purchase of such, the customer can be NFC-enabled smartphone keeps the sugar, pasta or cereal, and you will put everything on the bill. Anyone who is allergic to gluten is about, also warned, if he picks the wrong foods. At the exit you then holds the phone just to a point at the checkout to pay.
Radio technology for short distances

NFC Technology – Near Field Communication

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Compared with awards such as QR code or bar code printed on products that are scanned, the information of NFC chips not only can but also one to add. That is, for example, the product now purchased or reserved. These are short-range radio technology has been around for several years, the NFC chip is gradually spreading on mobile devices, but it must still be found above all applications.

Antonio Krüger from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) shows – as in the video is seen – with a trial store at Cebit that its application is already functioning smoothly. However, this research project, like many others in this area has not been put into practice. In April, banks and savings banks want to start a pilot project that enables contactless payments with a debit card. Only a few companies like the German railway and road network in Frankfurt (RMV) have pushed their NFC applications to the extent that customers can use the technology already. Currently the number of users is likely to be manageable, as a prerequisite for the use of “touch points” of the web is a smartphone that is equipped with an NFC chip.

The district could expand rapidly this year. Recently, manufacturers such as LG and HTC introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in front of new mobile phones with NFC. BlackBerry, Nokia and Sony also offer corresponding models. Also, the Google phone by Samsung Galaxy Nexus can deal with this wireless technology. Currently there are fifty different world smartphones and tablet PCs with NFC technology. According to market analysis from IMS Research, there were already 35 million smartphones in 2011 with radio technology (Approximately one in twelve-selling smartphone would thus NFC) and according to their prognosis, it should be 80 million this year. ABI Research estimates that will be 552 million mobile device using this technology on the market in four years.


Companies and NFC technology

nfc technologyAt the fair in Barcelona presented NXP Semiconductors, which brought together with Sony, NFC technology about ten years ago on the way to further applications: Pay at the cash machine, entrance to the company, order a drink in the café. Everything runs over the phone. How the technique is exploited correctly, show applications where both chips are active. Thus, the package store sugar in the supermarket that she was purchased and will remember their new owners.

NFC has spread to all the conditions in many areas of life. So far remained out of the breakthrough, because several companies have to be involved to make an application to implement. Even if a supermarket is on the NFC technology and the customer could buy there with NFC-smartphone remains to clarify which company handles the payment process. Google Wallet tries, especially in the United States to establish, use in Germany is not yet in sight. It often fails at the end of the deployment cycle: companies must change their employee badges. Cafes need a menu card with NFC chip. Municipalities would have to renew their parking meters. All this takes time.